Sunday, November 27, 2011

App Lauch & Donation to the Scott Carter Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research

Dear Friends & family,

We've launched a new iPhone & iPad app for Studio Frido called, FridoViewer. It is available on iTunes for $1.99.

I am asking for your help to get the word out about this this 3D science art app created in collaboration with computer scientist Jens Kruger.

We also have art collector quality prints available online.

If we can get 500 apps or prints sold between Nov 28 and Jan 2, we will donate $250 (or proportionally more, with no upper limit) to the Scott Carter Foundation in support of childhood cancer research. See also the Scott Carter collection of fine art prints here.

Thank you for supporting Studio Frido and Childhood Cancer research.


Studio FridoArt for the Science-Inspired Mind (SM)

ps. we have 50 spare pairs of 3D glasses (these glasses are not at all required for the App, but useful for parts of it). Email me via charles (at) with your postal mailing address and I’ll send you a pair of glasses.

Studio Frido: Studio Frido is a collection of scientists who are passionate about the natural beauty in scientific research. 'Frido' is pediatric cancer researcher, Charles Keller.

about the
Scott Carter Foundation: Scott Carter was a 13-year old boy who died in December of 1993 after a courageous three-year battle with bone cancer. Read more of Scott’s Story here. A major mission of the Scott Carter Foundation is to train the next generation of pediatric cancer researchers. Charles Keller was a recipient of a Scott Carter fellowship, and the Foundation has also sponsored cancer research trainees at the Oregon Health & Science University Pediatric Cancer Biology Program led by Dr. Keller.

about the
Oregon Health & Science University Pediatric Cancer Biology Program: This program focuses the 1 in 5 children for whom survival is most a challenge from pediatric cancer. OHSU is a unique environment where non-chemotherapy, molecularly-targeted treatments were originally pioneered (i.e., Gleevec for the leukemia CML). The goal of the OHSU PCB is to create similarly effective and non-toxic therapies for the most challenging pediatric cancers.

Friday, October 28, 2011

iPhone, iPad app at VisWeek!

A warm reception met the introduction of the Studio Frido iPhone and iPad app at IEEE VisWeek 2011 in Providence, Rhode Island. Computer scientist and developer Jens Kruger presented our exciting app that features 4 built-in datasets as well as Art vs Science mode. What's more exciting, the artist mode or the scientist mode? We'll let you decide!
To view the $1.99 Studio Frido FridoViewer app, click here .

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Texas Public Radio - Witte Museum Event

Yesterday was a lot of fun presenting our patent-pending Art for the Science-Inspired Mind(TM) Motion Art for the Hands On Invention event at the Witte Museum. This event, sponsored by Texas Public Radio, accompanied the "Genius of Leonardo" exhibit at the Museum. The best part was to see how interesting the young kids were... and to show that geometry and algebra could really help out down the road for them if they liked this sort of science & technology! Kids of all ages really enjoyed the 3D and rotating art.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

JDRF Benefit

We are please to have contributed three art pieces (including prints and Digital Motion Art(sm) ) that raised $1077 at the silent auction for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Promise Ball. This San Antonio event hosted by the South Central Chapter of the JDRF benefited the Artificial Pancreas Project. We feel privileged to have contributed to such an important goal.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

View the Scott Carter Screen Saver on YouTube!

You can now see the screen saver based on the Scott Carter Benefit Auction images on YouTube: Spread the word!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Scott Carter Screen Saver Now Available

We've recently created a screen saver based on the Scott Carter Benefit Auction series of prints. All of the Scott Carter images are there, in addition to some amazing scan views of the items from different angles. The video segments really bring to life the uniqueness of the process used to generate Studio Frido images. For more information, or to receive a free copy, email

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Prints on Imagekind

The prints that were auctioned at the Scott Carter Benefit are now available through Imagekind. These amazing images include renderings of a baseball, a football, a basketball, and more. Check them out at!